10 December 2020 – 7 February 2021

A private collection by Werner Röthlisberger

Pablo Picasso – His Posters marks the first of a series of exhibitions presented by the Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger, featuring Basel's private collections. It is kicked off by the unique collection of Basel Gallery Owner, Werner Röthlisberger, whose passion is poster art. There are a total of 55 original posters by Pablo Picasso of a total of 250 from Röthlisberger's collection on display - in its completeness, one of only two collections in the world.

Installation view Pablo Picasso – His Posters, 2020-21, Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger | KBH.G

Picasso's Poster Art in four focal Points
The exhibition is thematically divided into four focal points: The tour begins with posters from Vallauris, the impoverished pottery town near Cannes, where Picasso lived and worked for many years. From his very first year of being there, he participated in summer exhibitions of the local arts and crafts trade and subsequently also designed their posters. Picasso's passion for bullfighting, which runs through his entire oeuvre, forms a second chapter in his poster work. Another focus is Picasso's commitment to the peace movement. Influenced by two world wars and the Franco Dictatorship, he designed the iconic poster with the white dove for the World Peace Congress in Paris in 1949. Finally, a series of exhibition posters for artist friends are on display. These, mostly small format posters, were intended for the display in cafés or bookshops etc. and feature a wide variety of motifs as well as a broad range of techniques and colours.

The Art of Printing in the Exhibition Space
Visitors will be able to gain first hand experience on the art of printing from January 2021. On four Saturdays, a final colour of the exhibition poster, designed by well-known Basel artist Samuel Buri, will be applied on site on a total of 20 lithographic presses. These very special posters may then be purchased for a price of CHF 200. The proceeds from this sale will go entirely to the Professional Association of Visual Artists in Switzerland, VISARTE.