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Chantal Convertini

Chantal Convertini was born in 1992 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Coming from an environment that had nothing to do with art, she nonetheless started to paint and draw at the age of three. After studying art education at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel, she decided not to pursue her journey in education but instead to go full-time with photography, something that had captivated her since her student days. As an artist, her photography revolves primarily around the self-portrait and the body in general; it is a constant balancing act between documenting and conceptualising. Her work consists of numerous personal shoots, workshops, exhibitions, collaborations with musicians, designers and writers, and – for the first time with KBH.G – also curation. She lives andworks in Basel.

Lena Aires

Lena Aires was born in Bangor, North Wales, in 1987 and is a photographer based in the UK. She takes pictures to blend memory, place and craft. Lena works with the themes that resonate strongly with her: the spiritual, nature, intimacies. All her work is shot on 35 mm film for its tonal qualities and its fullness.

Charlotte Grimm

Charlotte Grimm was born in Braunschweig, Germany in 1993. From a young age, she knew that art was the key element connecting everything else in her life. However, after starting and quitting a degree in painting, she found herself in dire need of another outlet for her creativity. That is when she found photography. Ever since, Grimm has been a freelance photo artist. She is mostly known for emotional portraiture and painterly fine-art nudes, continually inspired by traditional art and the human psyche. After studying art education at Leipzig University, Grimm completed a master’s degree in art therapy at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, fusing her interests in art and psychology.

Dafni Planta

Dafni Planta was born in 1993 in Basel, Switzerland, where she also grew up. Having always been torn between the arts and medicine, she ended up becoming a doctor, but always keeps her camera close by. An art lover from a very young age, her journey led her to the use of diverse media, but none had what photography has to offer: an interactive component. For her, the important thing is to engage with others, and the creative process is what she lives for. Her pictures rarely make it into printed form, because in her eyes the emotions evoked while producing the piece of work are no longer the same. Nevertheless, she has carried out a fund-raising exhibition with her art to support a medical project in Burkina Faso, which underscores the symbiosis between her two passions: surgery and photography.

Monika Jia Rui Scherer

Monika Jia Rui Scherer was born in Singapore in 1995 and is a German-Singaporean artist. They have been writing since their teens and started taking photos after high school while volunteering in an institution of the German Red Cross. Moni works with portraits, text, photo books and zines, incorporating performative elements into their photographic practice. Growing up queer in a traditional Catholic-Chinese family, Moni explores the themes of intimacy, gender and sexual identity in their work. They currently work and live with their rescue dog Sappho in Bern.

Felicitas Schwenzer

Felicitas Schwenzer was born in Tübingen, Germany, in 1995 and is an education and psychology student and research assistant. Though always fascinated by digital photography, she did not make her first steps in the art form until 2019. Shortly afterwards, she switched to analogue medium format, and it immediately became apparent that this method was the best way to achieve the artistic expression she seeks to attain. To her, portraying a nude body is one of the most timeless, intimate, honest and pure techniques of photography. She is especially fond of composing with more than one person. In her photographs, she aims to create a desexualisation of the nude – especially female – body and instead turn it into an artwork and instrument for emotional expression. Felicitas lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

Mayara Scudeler

Mayara Scudeler is a Brazilian-Italian artist born in Londrina, Brazil in 1989. She likes the unexpected, loves exploring and has a strong sense of adventure. Scudeler graduated in multimedia visual arts and learned about software and digital processes, but uses analogue means to navigate through art and to express her true self. She employs analogue photography and rough sketches to capture moments, and so to document both the image and her feelings. Most of the images are places, details or people very close to her, and thus serve to engrave them as a memory. She is currently based in Sardinia, Italy with her wife.

Catia Simões

Catia Simões was born in Palmeira das Missões / RS, Brazil in March 1989 and is now a photographer living in Sardinia, Italy. She completed a degree in law in 2015, but found in photography the purest way to express herself without using words. Her intimate self-portraits began when, as a sufferer from generalised anxiety and panic disorder, she started to use photography as a form of personal therapeutic extension. Her portraits of others are usually people closest to her, who identify with her work and process and share the same feelings. The use and influence of analogue photography, natural light and striking shadows reflect the feelings of melancholy and nostalgia in her work.

Shannon Tomasik

Shannon Tomasik was born in 1991 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, and is a first-generation American artist. She works primarily with analogue self-portraits as a means of expressing emotions on conflicting thoughts and discomforts, and a way to explore her continuing and evolving curiosity about the human experience while navigating vulnerable fears and desires. Shannon lives and works in Michigan, along with her conure Ollie.

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